Lamp progress in a nutshell:

·         Demolition is 92% complete. 

·         Construction begins early next month.

·         Manpower is needed on March 29th, April 5th, (and tentatively) 12th, & 27th.


We will wrap up the Lamp’s demolition phase during the next two Lamp Construction Days, March 29th and April 5th.

During those two Saturday work parties, we’ll complete the demolition of the stage and the bathrooms.   (Yep, that’s it!  That’s all of the demolition that we have left, gang!)  Those areas amount to the last 8% of the demo project!


Once demo is complete, we will bid out the construction of the theater section to a professional company.  Volunteer work will continue with construction of the retail areas (ticket office, marquee, concession area, and main entrance).

The retail area construction schedule has not been finalized, but tentatively will begin on Saturday, April 12th.  Then we will take the next weekend off for Easter.  Construction will resume on SUNDAY, April 27th (so we can attend the Downtown Irwin Car Cruise on Saturday).


How will we get the manpower to finish the demo by April 5th?  Well, let me put it this way…

This is your last chance to take a sledgehammer to those red-velvet wallpapered Lamp walls and take a piece as a souvenir! 

If that doesn’t convince you, maybe the way to your heart is through your stomach.   The Colonial Grille is donating lunch, and Dunkin Donuts is donating coffee!


For more info on how you can participate, contact me or stop by the Lamp Theatre on Construction Days!

Our morning shift starts at 9:00 AM, and the afternoon group takes over at 1:00 PM.



Dee Meighan Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\dmeighan\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\43ZLBLRI\Sunshine III (2).jpg

Construction Volunteer Coordinator

Relight the Lamp Committee

The Lamp Theatre is having a work party March 8.  To find out how you can help contact Dee or visit

The Norwin Rotary has donated $30,000 to the Lamp Theatre project!  Thank you. 

  The Irwin Business & Professionals Association (IBPA) has been chosen by IN COMMUNITY Magazine to receive an award for service excellence in a volunteer organization within the Norwin community.  Congratulation!!!

Council meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Public Works Building on First Street 

The Norwin Rotary  has donated the Irwin Christmas tree, and has volunteered to decorate it.  They have taken this project on for years to come.  Those wishing to donate their time or money can contact the Rotary:

Norwin Rotary

P.O. Box 325
Irwin, PA 15642

 The borough is seeking individuals interested in serving on the 150 year committee.  This group will begin planning Irwin's 150th birthday in 2014.  Those interested should contact the borough at 724-864-3100.

 The Irwin Volunteer Fire Department has a new website.  Check it out at

 Smile!  Surveillance cameras are now  in use at Irwin Park!  Video recording began April 30.  The super zoom cameras can capture images from anywhere in the park day or night.  At this time the cameras are only recording, but very soon they will also be streaming live to the police cruisers.  Special thanks to:  HC Global, and Lucien Bove for their monetary donations, and Jim Halfhill and the crew for making it happen.

 Little Knights Kingdom is closed until further notice.

Irwin Borough has the following open board positions:

Recreation Board

Planning Board

150 year committee

Those interested should contact the borough office 724-864-3100

  Irwin Borough

424 Main Street

Irwin, PA  15642


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