Irwin Borough


Zoning Permit.pdf Zoning Permit.pdf
Size : 40.24 Kb
Type : pdf
Commercial Permit.pdf Commercial Permit.pdf
Size : 269.091 Kb
Type : pdf
Residential Building Permit.pdf Residential Building Permit.pdf
Size : 363.706 Kb
Type : pdf

Irwin Building / Zoning Permit Application

Above are downloadable permits for Zoning, Commercial and Residential construction!

 Please fill out forms and submit to the Borough office at 424 Main Steet Irwin.

All applications are reviewed for approval / rejection within 15 business days!

No work is permited to begin without permit issue.

The Borough is opted in to the PA Uniform Construction Code " U.C.C " and strictly follows the rules and regulations set by the U.C.C.

The Borough may have existing Ordinances / building codes that meets and exceed the U.C.C!



















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