Irwin Borough

Leaf Collection Policy


 Due to the age of the Borough's leaf machine, council has instructed this department to implement a modified leaf collection! Please check back daily for the up to date schedule!

 The Borough’s public works department annually collects leaves during the first three weeks of November!

 Leaves are to be gathered “ Curbside “ by residents, pickup is as per the schedule below.

  After the third week of November “ usually after Thanksgiving “ we convert our vehicles to be ready for the winter season of plowing and salting so residents are encouraged to bag  leaves left over and put curbside for waste pickup.

Many factor's contribute to days that collection may not occur: Holidays, voting, weather, installation of Xmas tree and the telephone pole lights, event's such as light up night, Public works activity requiring the departments full attention ect.



Leaf pick up schedule


2016 Season is over!

Bag all leaves.

Inlet and storm troth's only.

Please check back daily for the location of our operation which will be dependent upon the above said.

Leaf collection started on Monday October 24th 2016.

Today: November 28th 2016

Today's pickup area: Season's over, bag all leaves.

Next pickup day: October 30th 2017



Note: Do not rake leaves onto the paved portion of the street! It is against both local and State law!

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