coloring contest winners


The Borough of Irwin Council, Mayor, and staff would like the 134-coloring contest entries who entered. Out of the 4 age brackets, only 3 age brackets had winners. The oldest age bracket did not have any entries. 


Spring is around the corner

As part of the Irwin Borough Municipal Sperate Storm Sewer System, or MS4, permit with the Pennsylvania DEP, the Irwin Borough Council would like to remind all people who live in and work within the Borough that our storm sewer inlets, curbs and gutters, drainage ditches and storm pipes discharge directly and untreated into Brush Creek, Tinkers Run and other natural waterway tributaries within the Borough. In order to keep our streams and lakes clean and pollution-free, we remind residents and businesses to please:

Do NOT discard leaves, grass clippings , used paints, solvents,or other wastes into the storm drains, raodside ditches or stream channels.