Junior Council Person Program

The intent of the JCP program is to provide the opportunity for high school and college students residing in the Borough of Irwin to gain first-hand experience in local government, public relations, communications, and community service by participating in Council-related activities, such as meetings and events, and guiding the newly created Junior Council Committee. This program is dedicated to promoting future leadership in the Borough, continuing a positive focus on youth outreach and, in a general sense, developing community resources and improvements in the best interest of Irwin residents.

  • Eligibility: Current high school junior or senior, or college freshman, sophomore, or junior
  • Two students serve per year
  • Two-year term with optional summer participation
  • Duties:
    • Attend monthly Borough Council meeting and workshop
    • Host monthly Junior Council Person (JCP) committee meeting and provide report at each monthly Council meeting
    • Propose, develop, and lead one to two projects per school year that are focused on resolving issues facing youth in our community
    • Attend community and Borough-related events
    • Shadow Borough officials and tour departments
  • APPLICATIONS DUE May 24,2024 to T.Baum@IrwinBorough.org

JCP Application Form

Irwin Junior Council Person Program 2024-2025 Charter.pdf