Junior Council Program tours courthouse

The Irwin Borough and Trafford Borough Junior Council Program members attended a daylong program at the Westmoreland County Courthouse where the group of 5 students received a tour of the historic courthouse, attended the monthly County Commissioners Public meeting, and met with Commissioners Sean Kertes, Douglas W. Chew, and Ted Kopas. The Junior Council Members then met with personnel from the District Attorney's Office, County Detectives, the Director of the Westmoreland Manor, the Director of the Financial Administration, Westmoreland County Park Police, Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety, the Director of County Operations, and the Chief Clerk. 

On behalf of the Junior Council Members, Borough Officials, and Staff we would like to that Vera Spina and Trafford Council President Kris Cardiff for setting up this amazing opportunity for the Junior Council Members to have this experience. We would also like to thank the County Commissioners and County staff members for taking time out of their busy day to meet them and explain the function of some key departments and answering all of the questions from the Junior Council Members.