Established in 1864

The Borough of Irwin is a unique town located 22 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County. Originally and unofficially named "Irwin Station," the residents voted to incorporate the village as the Borough of Irwin in the Summer of 1864, naming it after the area's founder, John Irwin. 

Irwin has withstood the test of time, flourishing, to creating a rich history and a resilience to challenges encountered over the centuries. The Borough prides itself in being a beacon for small businesses, consumers, residents and community events. We hope you "Find your place here" and enjoy making our Borough your home. 

The Beginnings of the Irwin Coal Industries

The founder of Irwin Borough John Irwin once used his home on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Main Street as stagecoach business. When that started to dwindle due to the canal and railroad, he moved the inn and converted it into his home. Around that same time, he started to sell his coal lands for $100.00 an acre.

Around 1852 bituminous coal was being shipped by rail to markets. 1853 Jonah Miles opened a small coal mine known as Grove Colliery at the foothills of Main Street on Brush Creek for Thomas Scott and William Coleman. Later in this area the railroad station would be built. The minors hand dug out the coal for $0.30 cents a ton. They pulled out with gears and harnesses over their shoulders and hooked to the front of cars between the shafts.

In the same year of 1853 John Irwin, William Larimer Jr., Herman Haupt, John Covode, John Scott, and James Magee formed the Westmoreland Coal Company and opened a small mine called the Larimer Colliery No. One. The following year the business was incorporated.

For more information head over to the Norwin Library Historical Section and look for the Irwin 125 Anniversary book.