Established in 1864

The Borough of Irwin is a unique town located 22 miles southeast of Pittsburgh in Westmoreland County. Originally and unofficially named "Irwin Station," the residents voted to incorporate the village as the Borough of Irwin in the Summer of 1864, naming it after the area's founder, John Irwin. 

Irwin has withstood the test of time, flourishing, to creating a rich history and a resilience to challenges encountered over the centuries. The Borough prides itself in being a beacon for small businesses, consumers, residents and community events. We hope you "Find your place here" and enjoy making our Borough your home. 

Dr. lytle s. adams

Dr. Lytle S. Adams was a resident of Irwin and the inventor of the automatic non-stop pick-up and delivery system - what we today call  "air mail." In addition to being an inventor, Dr. Adams operated a dental surgical practice until 1927. He was also awarded a bronze metal in recognition of his achievements in 1934. 


In addition to creating air mail, he also worked diligently in 1941 on creating a plan to help the war efforts with the U.S. Government during WW2. Before his "bat plan", also referred to as "Project X" could go into use, the atomic bomb was created and the war ended shortly thereafter. 

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