public works department

Public Works is responsible for road maintenance, snow removal and general upkeep of municipal facilities throughout the Borough. The Public Works building is located at the bottom of First St. in Irwin, PA

Randy Altman, Director of Public Works

(724) 864-3105

Matt Sever, Assistant Public Works Director & Code Enforcement Officer

(724) 864-3100

Mike Brady, Public Works


snow removal

Snow season is just around the corner in Western Pennsylvania. Here are some tips and reminders for snow removal. 

  • Please make sure your sidewalk is clean of snow and ice. 
  • Do not shovel snow into the roadways. 
  • Please make sure hydrants are clear of snow if they are located on or by your property. 
  • Please check on your elderly neighbors during the cold months. 
  • do not cover your dryer vents or furnace vents with snow. 
  • Please keep the roadways open for the plow vehicles to remove the snow and treat the roadways. 

Listed below is the 2022-2023 snow removal route. 

  • All primary roadways are done first. 
  • Secondaries are then next. 
  • Lastly are the Alley Ways and Parking lots. 

Please keep in mind a snow removal route can take up to two hours to complete in its entirety. Sidewalks must be maintained by the property owners, the tenants, or business owners that reside/work at that property address.