public works department

Public Works is responsible for road maintenance, snow removal and general upkeep of municipal facilities throughout the Borough. The Public Works building is located at the bottom of First St. in Irwin, PA

Randy Altman, Director of Public Works

(724) 864-3105

Matt Sever, Assistant Public Works Director & Code Enforcement Officer

(724) 864-3100

Mike Brady, Public Works


Nathan Ellenberger, Public Works

Spring is almost here! 

With Spring around corner, the Borough of Irwin would like to give some friendly tips and reminders.

 All of the Borough’s storm sewer inlets, curbs, gutters, drainage ditches and storm pipes discharge directly and untreated into Brush Creek, Tinkers Run and other water way within the Borough.

Do NOT discard leaves, grass clippings, used paints, solvents, or other waste into the storm drains, roadside ditches, or stream channels. Our storm drains can only collect rain! If you need more information, please check out the page on our website,, entitled “Stormwater Management”, under the “Community Resources” tab.

Do you plan on doing some Spring Cleaning or Projects? If you have a lot of material to dispose of, the Borough of Irwin has a free service to our residents called “At Your Door” pickup, provided by Waste Management. For more information on this program, please review the information sheet on our website page entitled “Utilities”, under the “Community Resources” tab. If you are going to contact Waste Management, make sure that you tell them you are under the Borough’s contract. They will email us to confirm your eligibility.

If you are doing a project, like adding a fence, building a shed, adding a porch, or doing renovations, please contact our office at 724-864-3100 so we can assist you and make sure you get the proper permits, if needed.

The Borough does have a stagnant water ordinance, so please drain all pooling or standing water around your property, such as in buckets or old tires. If you have a pond, please make sure your pumps are working properly to have that water flowing and breaking the surface of the water. We need everyone’s help to reduce the mosquito population.

Please also make sure that when maintaining your yard, cutting grass, and weed whacking, that the clipping do not go into the streets or the drains. Not only is not allowed but can also be a safety hazard for people to drive over, especially those using motorcycles.

Dogs are permitted at the Parks in Irwin. They must be on a 6-foot leash and under control. Pet Waste bags are available in two locations at Irwin Park for the public to use. The Irwin Public Works Department checks the Park several times a day and ensures that the waste bag dispensers are full. Please make sure you clean up after your pets.