Irwin Borough Parks and Recreation

Parks are located throughout the Borough, providing our citizens places to enjoy the outdoors including an amphitheater,  walking track, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas. 

Irwin Park

Penglyn park

Dan Rose Park

Park Information

Board Members

5 Year Term

Chairman- Michael Yunn

Term Expires 12/31/2025

Rick Burdelski

Term Expires 12/31/2025

James Fedorka

Term Expires 12/31/2026

Nicholas Powanda

Term Expires 1/4/2028

Leslie Savage

Term Expires 1/4/2028

Park hours

All of our parks operate from the hours of dusk until dawn. 

Civics Activities Board members

Shari Martino

Bo Wagner

Chrys Sebula

George Reccelle

Gary Ed