election signs

Primary Elections are being held on April 23,2024. If you are running for office, please remember the following items, in relation to our ordinances. 

Anyone using temporary signs during an election will have to turn in a bond (check) of $100.00. This is returned once all of your signs are removed after the election. All signs must be removed within 3 days after the election. 

Temporary signs can be placed 30 days prior to an election date. If it is prior, we do remove them. 

Temporary signs during an election are not permitted on Borough property without consent. 

Temporary signs during the election must be 5 feet away from the Right of Way. They also cannot cause any sight restrictions for drivers or hazards. 

Your sign must be 50 feet away from another sign you have placed. An example is you cannot have 3 signs at an intersection. 

polling locations

1st Ward

Irwin Manor

100 Western Ave Irwin Pa 15642

2nd Ward

Irwin Public Works Building

1 First Street Irwin Pa 15642

3rd & 4th Ward

*Temporary Location for November 7,2023 will be First United Methodist Church- 310 Oak Street Irwin, PA15642*

First Presbyterian Church

617 Main Street Irwin Pa 15642

5th & 6th Ward

Calvary Baptist Church

101 Caruthers Lane Irwin Pa 15642

7th Ward

JB Bright Beginnings

780 Brush Hill Road Irwin Pa 15642